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7 Step Plan to Improve your Google Ranking

7 Step Plan to Improve your Google Ranking

This is for everyone who owns a website and is wondering why after all this time it still isn’t showing up anywhere near the first page in Google.

Here are 7 things you must do in order to start climbing the ladder.

1. Does Google even know your website exists?
If your website doesn’t show up in any Google search, not even far down the results it is possible Google hasn’t indexed your site yet.
• One of the easiest ways to let Google know your website exists is to open a Google+ account, add a ‘Page’ and then add your website to it.

2. Identify your keywords and keyword phrases
Make a list of at least 10 words and/or short phrases (of maximum 4 words each) for which you want people to find your website.

3. Make sure these keywords and phrases appear in your website’s content
– Use your most important keywords or keyword phrases in the title of each of your website’s pages (H1 tag*).
– Next important keywords go high in the text, or in paragraph titles (H2 tag*).
– Repeat important keywords or keyword phrases near the end of the page.
Note! Avoid repeating keyword phrases more than 3 times in the content of a page. Search engines like Google will punish you for this and your website ranking will go down.
* More information on the importance of the use of H1 and H2 tags.

4. Use your important keywords and phrases in the title> and description> tags of the HTML code of your page
The most important go in the title, the secondary in the description*.
• Make sure to create an easy to read and appealing text. This is what people will see in the Google search results. Even if you make it to the first page, nobody will click on a result that doesn’t make sense!
* More information on these (meta) tags.

5. Make sure to put your keywords in the ALT and TITLE attributes of the image> tag
Do this for every image on the website; photos, logo, graphics, any file that ends with .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png.
Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla allow you to set these attributes when you upload an image to your library.
Note! Be careful which text you put in the ALT and TITLE attributes. If a visitor hovers over the image with the mouse this text pops up; in some browsers this will be the alt text, for others the title text.

6. Get other websites to link to yours
– Ask them to use My Important Keyword Phrase as link text instead of
– Try to get links from other websites in your branch. This is your link neighborhood and Google looks at who is living there.
Note! Don’t be tempted to use services that offer 100 links to your website for
€ 3,- or something similar. This will damage your link reputation.

7. Use a SEO plug-in
If you use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla you can install a plug-in to help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the science that helps you getting closer and closer to the first page in Google results.
• For WordPress there is a great plug-in called Yoast SEO.

If you don’t know how and where to implement these recommendations don’t wait and go find someone to help you. Improving your Google ranking takes time and you will only climb the ladder after you have taken the first step…

I greatly appreciate your feedback!
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6 Tips to Improve your Posture

6 Things you must do to Improve your Posture

Your posture influences your energy level, your mood, your self esteem and the way in which people around you re-act to you.
Here are 6 tips on how to improve it.

1. Sit straight

While we were young we probably all heard our parents tell us to “Sit straight!”
Do we still need that advice now?
The answer is “Yes!”
When you straighten up you allow a free flow of blood to your brain, making you more alert, awake. If you catch yourself slouching in your chair give yourself a gentle reminder to sit up straight, again and again. Your body will start listening and with time your posture will improve.

Tip: To remind yourself to straighten up you can tie a bracelet around your wrist, or a piece of string around one finger, or paint one of your fingernails in a different color.

2. Stretch up

After sitting in a chair working for 20 minutes, stretch your arms high up over your head, interlocking the fingers. Breathe deeply in and out. Stretch up as high as you can! Now, without changing the position of your back, bring down your arms and relax your shoulders. Now you can continue work again, or your class.

Tip: In class the teacher might confuse your stretched up arms with participation. As an alternative you can stretch them behind your back, interlocking fingers.

3. Use a pillow

When you are sitting on the couch, or driving your car you can put a small firm pillow in your lower back area. This prevents your lower back from sagging and in this way allows the transmission of energy along the spine. When your lower back curves inwards your shoulders automatically move backwards and are able to relax.

4. Get rid of the chair!

Get rid of your beautiful, expensive, soft and ideal for slouching executive chair! Go to the canteen and grab one of the chairs there. They are by far ergonomically superior to your own fine chair.

Bonus point! Because now you can’t fidget with any knobs and leavers and can’t turn around and roll about, you might be able to concentrate on your work.

5. Lie down

Wrong posture puts strain on the muscles of your back, shoulders and neck. When you lie down these muscles get a chance to reset.

Short exercise: Lie down on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. With your hands lift your head an inch from the floor and move your chin towards your chest, stretching the back of your neck. Gently put you head back on the floor and place your arms beside your body. Breathe in and out 10 times. Try it now!

Bonus point! Tell your kids to do their gaming and whatever they are doing on their smart phones in this position. They’ll improve their posture greatly and get strong arms at the same time 😉

6. Walk

Walking involves almost every muscle you have in your body. Wrong posture puts a static load on muscles in your back, neck and shoulders, cutting off free blood circulation in the muscle tissue. When you walk these muscles get a chance to release this load, receive oxygen and relax.

Exercise: Put the thing you hold in your hand away for a moment and walk with your hands moving freely beside your body. Look ahead and you’ll see beauty around you.

I greatly appreciate your feedback!
If you have any comments, or if you have another tip please leave it below.